Venezuela – A Country Ready to Implode – Why Should We Care?

How does a country with a population of 30 million people and the world’s largest oil reserve become one step away from total financial collapse?

Life in Venezuela has become an unimaginable nightmare. The government has instituted daily rotating power outages lasting 4-8 hours each to conserve energy. Weekends now start on Wednesdays. Water is becoming scarce and what IS available was described by one resident as “Super Gross coming out of the pipes.” Shortages of toilet paper, condoms and beer are also plaguing the impoverished nation.


Moreover, looting has also become frequent and widespread, food is scarce and has become the new form of currency, in other words, the more food you have, the richer you are. Nothing happens without great difficulty in Venezuela. The country has virtually shut down and the citizens are very concerned and rightly so. They are worried about their future and for many, finding their next meal has become mission critical. The food crisis has become so intolerable, many are taking to the streets rioting and holding anti-government demonstrations.

As recently as 2013, Government supporters have long pointed proudly to the improvement in eating under socialist leader Hugo Chavez, who used oil income to subsidize food for the poor during his 14 years in office (1999 to 2013).

But Reuters notes that Maduro, Chavez’s successor, has faced a collapse in the price of oil, which provides almost all of Venezuela’s foreign income. He has also blamed an opposition-led “economic war,” which critics deride as an excuse.

“We are eating worse than before,” Liliana Tovar, a Caracas resident, told Reuters in late April. “If we eat breakfast, we don’t eat lunch, if we eat lunch, we don’t eat dinner, and if we eat dinner, we don’t eat breakfast.”


Venezuela is the latest in a long line of countries that are feeling the pain of Central Banking and fiat currencies. If this story scares you, it should. Here in the United States. we are not immune to what is happening 3000 miles south of us.  There is already much speculation about a looming stock market crash and the eventual collapse of the USD. The Federal Reserve, knowing the severity of our broken economy, has been unable to raise rates more than once in the last 9 years, and that being a paltry (.25 percent). Adding injury to insult, there’s talk that the Feds might even introduce negative interest rates and bank bail-ins.

Folks, the writing is on the wall and you need to look no further than to our friends in South America as to what our fate is as well as the rest of the world. A global economic collapse is imminent. The dominoes are falling one by one and Our turn Will come.

What have you done to avert the upcoming global financial crisis?

We have all been conditioned that this can and will never happen to us in North America. Unfortunately, that type of thinking will be the eventual demise of millions in the next few years. I will be writing more in the upcoming weeks on how you can be prepared and even prosper in this turbulent economic environment.

Illustrative image of dominos arranged in a row representing worldwide exchange of currency

A few basic actions you should take immediately are:

  • Stock up on food and water (At least a 3 months supply)
  • Stock up on toiletries, medical supplies etc.
  • Invest in tangible assets such as Gold and Silver
  • Purchase a firearm(s) and ammunition
  • Put together an emergency contingency plan with family, friends and neighbors
  • Secure a bug out place away from populated areas

The above list is just a small part of an overall strategy you should be developing in preparation for an economic collapse…

There is still time to prepare but my gut feeling tells me, not very much.

Not very much at all. 


Take care my friends – More to come…

Jim Blake


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