Why the Value of Silver Should Be $700 Per Ounce


$700 an ounce for silver? That’s a pretty lofty claim and most of you are probably thinking I’ve lost my mind but I have documentation to support my claim.
What documented support do I have? The Old Testament of the Holy Bible. All through the Bible you will find that gold and silver were the two main forms of money. Indeed, both metals have been used as currency for over 4000 years and have stood the test of time.

Let us look at what is written in Leviticus 27:16
16 “‘If anyone dedicates to the LORD part of their family land, its value is to be set according to the amount of seed required for it—fifty shekels of silver to a homer[a] of barley seed.
OK – so here we go. We’ve got the clues and the equation is right there. Do you see it?
Fifty Shekels is Equal to One Homer of Barley Seed.
Wasn’t that simple? Silver is worth $700 per ounce… Okay, okay. I agree – we need to do a little more work to get there.

Let’s get to it.
Simple google searches (not so simple actually) lead me to understand that a “Homer” in this instance, is not measuring Barley. It is referring to how much land it would require to plant one homer of barley. The answer to that is 6 acres.
So now we have the first part of our equation solved. One Homer = 6 Acres.
Now let’s tackle the Shekel part of the equation. One biblical shekel is equal to 0.497 ounces.
Next, we need the average price of a fertile acre of land in the United States. After doing even more research I found that – the average price for farmland in the Midwest for 2013 was $2900 per acre…
Let’s see what we have
A Homer (6 Acres) of farmland in the Midwest is worth 6 x $2900 = $17,400
Fifty Shekels in terms of silver would be 50 x .0497 per ounce = 24.85 ounces
$17,400 divided by 24.85 = $700.20 per ounce
There you have it folks. The real value of silver in US Dollars, according to the bible, should be $700.20 an ounce. The reason why it’s not currently valued properly is because of price manipulation by the crooked central banks. Read my article: Deutsche Bank admits to Silver and Gold Price Rigging
The fact is, smart people have always known that gold and silver are money, REAL money. The monetary system we have now is based on nothing, worth nothing and is a Ponzi scheme ready to crash and burn.

When that happens, and it will, fiat currencies around the world will topple one by one like dominoes. A new economic system will be put in place with currency that will be backed by gold and silver. At that time, both precious metals will see their day of justification as both will enjoy a HUGE value correction.
Until then, be patient, put your seatbelts on and get ready for the ride of your life.

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